How to Fix Windows Update Stuck Issue

How to Fix Windows Update Stuck

One thing every Windows users hate is Windows Updates; you never know when your PC will be installed with the updates and how long does it take; most of the time, Windows Update went successful, but there is some desperate situation when your time is more critical and your Windows 10 device frozen at Windows Update Stuck.

There are various reasons for your device to freeze or get stuck during the Windows update, this can be solved, and there is nothing to be worried about. In this article, you will learn five different solutions How to Fix Windows Update Stuck Issue on your Computer or Laptop.

How to Fix Windows Update Stuck issue in 5 Different Solutions​

To resolve the Windows Update Stuck issue, there is a list of 5 possible solutions you can perform one by one, and at the end of this, the Windows Update Stuck issue will be resolved on your Windows device.

Solution 01: Ctrl+Alt+Del​

Sometimes Windows updates get installed correctly, and you will not get the login screen. In this case, you might think your PC or laptop is still installing the Windows update.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del on the keyboard you will be automatically shown the login screen; log in to your device normally and start your productivity.

If this doesn’t help and the Windows update stuck is the same, then follow the next possible solution to fix the issue.

Solution 02: Restart or Force Shutdown​

Restart or force shutdown is the second possible solution now. Restart your device by pressing the reset button (if available) or press the power button for a few seconds until your device turns off. Hence your device is already frozen. You are helpless now.

Now again, turn ON your device and see if Windows usually log in and finish the Windows Updates installation normally.

If Windows has messed something up on your device, you will automatically be taken to the Advanced Boot Option or Startup settings menu upon the next startup. You are following the next possible solution to fix the Windows Update Stuck issue.

Solution 03: Login with Windows Safe Mode​

You will be automatically taken to Advanced Boot Option or Startup settings directly or after diagnosis or Automatic Repair. In this case, first log in to your PC with safe mode because when you do so, your Window only loads with the minimum drivers and services that Windows requires to function correctly.

In this case, if any third-party program or service conflicts with one of the Windows updates, it will not run in safe mode; your Windows Update installation might succeed.

After the next startup, your PC will log in generally without issues. If you still get the Advanced Boot Option or Startup settings, perform the next possible solution to fix the Windows Update Stuck Issue.

Solution 04: Perform System Restore​

Performing a complete system restore might undo the changes made to your PC during or after the installation of the Windows Updates. System Restore is one of the best possible solutions to fix your device’s Windows Update Stuck issue.

Check this blog for detailed information on What is System Restore and How to perform a System Restore Point.

Solution 05: Perform Clean Install of Windows​

If none of the above 4 solutions fixes the Windows Update Stuck issue on your device, then performing a clean install of Windows update is the only solution to fix the problem.

Unfortunately, no one will like to perform these steps because it will remove all the software and setting for the PC. 

But if you are here, you have no other option, and you are left with only the option to perform a clean install of Windows OS.

How do I Confirm my PC is Actually Stuck or Frozen​

Before proceeding with any troubleshooting steps, confirm that your PC is frozen or hung because sometimes a Windows update can take more than 3 hours to complete. 

In this event, instead of fixing the problem, you might even create a new problem.

To avoid these issues, repeatedly press the number lock button on your keyboard and see the number lock LED light turning on and off. If this is a PC, you will get a challenging drive activity light that is blinking most of the time, 

If the number lock and challenging drive activity LED keep blinking, your PC is not frozen or stuck, and some progress is still happening in the background.

If the number lock or challenging drive activity LED is not blinking, your device has frozen or stuck, whatever you call it. You can perform the following troubleshooting steps in these scenarios to fix the Windows Update Stuck issues.

The Reason behind Windows Update Stuck or Frozen Issue​

There is a cause why your Windows update installation or finalization of one or more processes can hang or get stuck at some point. Most of the time, it might be a conflict due to any installed Software or service issue that is causing the problem now, or in some rare times, it was the improper setting in the Windows update itself, Which is from Microsoft.

Not only Windows 10 devices, but you might find a similar freezing issue during the Windows Updates in any of the versions like Windows 8 or Windows 7 or Windows Vista or even Windows XP, It is getting a lot better in Windows 10.

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