Why Is My Asus Laptop So Slow – 4 Possible Reasons

Why Is My Asus Laptop So Slow - 4 Possible Reasons

ASUS produces some of the world’s greatest laptops. They have laptops for a variety of activities, including gaming and work. On the other hand, their desktops are pretty powerful, although they still have some flaws.

Many consumers, for example, complain about the slowness of their computers. If you’re in the same situation and wondering Why Is My Asus Laptop So Slow, keep reading because we’ll explain all you need to know about this problem.

When it comes to flexibility, laptops are your best friend. You may work from wherever, thanks to them. ASUS is one of several companies that make laptops. They are well-known for producing high-quality gadgets that are used for both gaming and work.

Why Is My Asus Laptop So Slow - What Will Be the Possible Reasons?

ASUS computers occasionally cease performing as they should. Some customers often complain about the speed of their laptops, which stops them from working effectively.

However, these customers are unaware that the problem is created not by the laptop but by how they utilize it. Today, we’ll talk about why is my ASUS Laptop so slow and how you may speed it up.

Reason #1: Your Laptop’s Storage Is Full

Many laptop users are unaware that if their device’s storage is complete, it will cease operating correctly. The performance of your laptop is affected by full storage speed.

As a result, if your laptop is slow and its storage is complete, you know what to do: erase anything undesirable from your computer. We sometimes find downloading video games we no longer wish to play or movies we cannot view due to our hectic schedules.

Such items merely drain your laptop’s storage, so delete them as soon as possible. When you remove some storage from your laptop, you will notice that your ASUS laptop is not so slow anymore.

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Reason #2: Virus and Malware Issues

Viruses can enter your laptop in a variety of methods at times. This is primarily due to software downloaded from untrustworthy websites. Worse, the infections are frequently concealed deep within our computers, making them impossible to detect. And before you know it, they are causing various issues, including slowing down your laptop.

You must do a comprehensive laptop scan to prevent this from occurring. Fortunately, Windows contains an anti-virus program that works well. You may get to it by typing “Windows Security” into the Windows search box and selecting the first option that appears. 

Then, choose “Virus & Threat Protection” to run a comprehensive laptop scan. If your laptop has any viruses, Windows Defender will eradicate them. Because of this, your ASUS laptop is so slow.

Reason #3: Dirty Laptop Fan

Every laptop includes a variety of fans to keep the machine cool. They exhaust the heated air from the laptop’s components outdoors. However, after a few months or years of usage, these fans might become dusty and stop adequately cooling the laptop. This also answers why is my Asus Laptop so slow.

If your laptop fans are not functioning effectively, they will begin to overheat. For those who are unaware, overheating problems might cause the laptop to work slowly.

In this instance, open the laptop and clean the fans. If you are worried about damaging them, you can always take them to a laptop store, where they will gladly clean them for you at a low rate.

Reason #4: Low RAM

If you try to run more than one task on your laptop simultaneously, it will get sluggish. However, this is dependent on the quantity of RAM in your laptop. You should be alright if it has 16 GB or more. 

Anything less will, however, make your ASUS laptop slower when you try to perform many tasks simultaneously. You must update your RAM to at least 16 GB in this scenario.


This article explained why your ASUS laptop is so slow. As you can see, various things influence your laptop’s performance, but you may also rapidly resolve the issue.

However, if you have done everything and your laptop’s performance is still poor, you should take it to a repair shop so that professionals may examine it. 

Sometimes a technological issue causes a problem that can only be fixed by a professional. However, in most circumstances, You can solve the problems independently.

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