What Does Subscribed Mean on Snapchat (2022)

What Does Subscribed Mean on Snapchat

If you are confused about why sometimes your friends come in the subscriptions section when you sometimes swipe right, and you want to know the reason behind this, continue with this article.

Subscribe feature is introduced by major online platforms so that we can easily follow our favourite creators. 

In this article, you will learn everything you need about what does subscribed mean on Snapchat and Snapchat subscriptions and how to get the subscription button.

What Does Subscribed Mean on Snapchat?

If you go to the Snapchat Stories view section, there are two sections. In the first section, there is a list of your friends. This section allows you to view the stories of your friends. Remember, until you subscribe to anyone, no one will appear in the Snapchat subscription section. On the other hand, the subscriptions will enable you to watch the stories of people you have subscribed to.

Now you should know What does subscribed mean on Snapchat? Now let us move ahead.

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Difference Between Subscribe and Add on Snapchat

Subscriptions on Snapchat are the creators/people you follow to watch the content they post. The person you have subscribed to rarely knows you. Sometimes you cannot send messages to the account as you are not the only one who has subscribed to that account. The creator might also have disabled the message option. They also would be receiving many messages.

On the other hand, Add on Snapchat is used to make friends. You send a friend request to an account, and when your friend request gets accepted, you two become friends. After becoming friends, you can message each other easily without any issues.

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How Do I Subscribe to My Favorite Creator on Snapchat?

Subscribing to a Snapchat account is free. You do not have to pay anything. It is just like youtube, where we can subscribe to anyone we want for free.

First, you must find the Snapchat account you want to subscribe to. You can look for the account in the discovery feed or search the account by using the search option ( in the search result, the subscribe button is to the right of the account’s name in the search results) at the top. 

When you have found the account you want to subscribe to, go to the account profile page and click the Subscribe button below the profile name.

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What Will Happen if I Unsubscribe Someone?

A question arises: will the creator know I have unsubscribed from them? Yes, the creator will notice that someone has unsubscribed to them as their subscriber count will decrease.

They may also notice who unsubscribed them, but this mainly happens if the creator has a small account. They will know that you have unsubscribed them if they see who viewed their story, and after unsubscribing, they will see that your name no longer appears in the story views. 

Now let us move ahead. I hope everything in this article (which is about what subscribed means on Snapchat?) is clear until now. But in most cases, creators do not see who has viewed their story, so they would not know who has unsubscribed.

Is it possible for you to get your subscription button?

Everyone cannot get the Snapchat subscribe button. There are specific rules for how to get it.

To get the Snapchat to subscribe button, you should first be an excellent Snapchat creator. You can be a Snapchat creator in the given two ways:

Create Unique Snapchat Lenses

You have to design lenses. If the lenses you create are good, decent, and get famous, you will get the creator profile and the subscribe button. To make lenses, you can go to the Lens Studio and start making your first lens there.

Create Lots and Lots of Content

You can also get the Snapchat creator profile and the subscribe button by creating and posting a lot of content. Snapchat rewards you for the content you post.

Learn How To Maintain It

If you are chasing the subscribe button, you need to focus on the content you post. You have to post content that others like. Content that will get more likes and shares. Show your passion in the content you post. The content should not be dry. Instead, it should be eye catchy.


I hope you understood everything in this article about what does subscribed mean on Snapchat. Snapchat subscriptions allow you to follow the content creator you like, and if you want to be a Snapchat creator, follow your passion and post good content frequently, or you can make lenses in Lens Studio. And now you do not have any confusion, and now you know What does Subscribed Mean on Snapchat?

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