How to Turn on Hotspot on iPhone 11

How to Turn on Hotspot on iPhone 11

You may often be left fumbling around as you suddenly lose WIFI access on your laptop or an apple computer, are unable to complete a specific important business of yours, almost lose your job if you are working from home or perhaps face a genuinely horrifying and brutal embarrassment in front of your colleagues.

Well, this article will be dealing with precisely this topic; keep reading further below to know more about how to turn on hotspot on iPhone 11 and what a hotspot and mobile hotspot are.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to use mobile data to access the internet at highly desperate times on your Mac computer?  Wouldn’t you like to know what a hotspot exactly is?

How to Turn On Hotspot on iPhone 11

To turn on the hotspot or mobile hotspot on your iPhone 11, do the following steps carefully:

How to Turn on Hotspot on iPhone 11
  • Go to your iPhone 11 ‘Settings’ located on the Home screen
  • Tap on ‘Personal Hotspot
  • Again, tap on the ‘Personal Hotspot’ slider in the menu that comes after; the slider will turn green after being tapped, signifying that it’s enabled.

You can change your personal hotspot’s name by going to General >About on your settings menu.

With this, you now know how to turn on the hotspot on iPhone 11 by doing the three simple steps above; this will ensure that the hotspot is turned on and ready to be used by other devices.

Why is my Hotspot not working

  • Make sure that Cellular Data is enabled
  • Make sure that Hotspot is enabled
  • Make sure your iPhone Airplane Mode is not ON
  • Disable Personal Hotspot and enable it again after a few minutes
  • Make sure your iPhone is within the range (15 feet of your connecting device)
  • Make sure your iPhone has the latest Update installed. Tap Settings > General > About. If an Update is available, a popup will appear. Tap Update to install the Update on your iPhone.
  • Make sure that the correct Hotspot password is entered, and try to connect to the correct Wi-Fi network.
  • Restart both of your devices (your iPhone and the device connecting to your iPhone)
  • Change your Hotspot password. And try again.

What is a Hotspot

In straightforward terms, the term ‘hotspot’ itself refers to a physical location with an extensive range of signals enabled for internet access using Wi-Fi; this can allow other devices connected to it also to access the internet and therefore be used for browsing the web or doing any other sort of work.

Several public places also use this technique to allow free Wi-Fi access for people. However, most of them might be too slow for a person to use fluently unless the place is relatively fine.

This is also the reason for this article being about how to turn on hotspots on iPhone 11. You can make your iPhone a hotspot for other devices to connect to and access the internet.

What is a Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot is precisely what it says, a hotspot that is also mobile, a device with a signal range that can be carried anywhere and hence allow other devices to connect to it. The difference between regular and mobile hotspots is thin but visible.

Unlike a hotspot, a physical location with a signal range made specifically for internet access, they have the advantage of being present in various locations. However, the speed may depend entirely on the internet the Hotspot uses.

On the other hand, a mobile hotspot is technically a portable signal range that allows internet access in places you wouldn’t find otherwise in locations with no biological hotspot. A mobile hotspot allows you to connect any of your devices to the internet without connecting to a Wi-Fi router.

A mobile hotspot allows one to access Wi-Fi on devices that otherwise are unable to access.

This still faces the same issue as the physical Hotspot: the Wi-Fi’s speed will be dramatically reduced when used on another device, such as using an iPhone’s Wi-Fi personal hotspot to connect to your Mac laptop.

Knowing how to turn on Hotspot on iPhone 11 can be very helpful when you are stuck in a dire situation without your trusty router Wi-Fi; make sure that your mobile data is preserved and fast enough to run on your computer.

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