How to Turn Off Announce Notifications on Airpods?

How to Turn Off Announce Notifications on Airpods

In iOS 15, there is an excellent feature by which you can turn on notification announcements on your connected AirPods. This feature is great because it keeps us posted about all the notifications, but some people find it annoying, and if you are one of them, you are at the right place.

In this article, you will learn how to turn off announce notifications in various ways and how you can choose from which apps you want to get Siri announcements.

How To Turn Off Announce Notifications on AirPods Using Settings?

Turning off the Announce notifications using settings is the simplest method. So let’s see the steps:

  1. Open your iPhone’s settings app and click the ‘Siri & Search’ option.
  2. After clicking, you will see various options. But you have to click on the ‘Announce Notifications’ option.
  3. Inside Announce Notifications, toggle off the switch at the top.
  4. Then toggle off the ‘Headphones’ option below it.

By doing this, Siri won’t read any text or notification you will receive on your iPhone.

  1. If you don’t want to announce notifications while driving, you can toggle off the ‘CarPlay’ option.

How To Turn Off Announce Notifications on AirPods Using Control Centre?

You can also turn off the announce notifications using the control centre by toggling the feature on and off.

Let’s see how you can do it.

 First, add the Announce Notifications shortcut to the Control Centre. (If you already have created a shortcut, move to step 3) To do this, open your iPhone’s ‘Settings‘ app and select ‘Control Centre‘.

  1. Inside the Control Centre, scroll down to ‘More Controls’ and tap the green ‘+’ button adjacent to the ‘Announce Messages with Siri’ option. By doing this, Announce Notifications shortcut will be added to your Control Centre.
  2. Now you have to access the control centre. To access it:
    1. On iPhone without Home Button: Swipe down the screen from the top-right corner of your screen. 
    2. On iPhone with a Home Button: Swipe up the screen from the bottom edge of any screen.
  3. Now you have opened the Control Centre. Tap on the ‘Announce Messages with Siri’ shortcut (which we added before).

You have successfully turned off the feature, and you won’t receive any notification announcements on your AirPods.

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How To Turn Off Announce Notifications on AirPods From Your Apple Watch?

This method is for those who want to turn off the Announce Notifications from their Apple Watch. If you want to do it using your Apple Watch, you have to:

  1. Access control center. To access it on Apple Watch, tap and hold on to the bottom of the screen and open the Control Centre by swiping up on the screen. 
  2. Then you have to tap the bell icon having a waveform to turn off the Announce Notifications if it has been turned on at any time.

How To Choose From Which Apps You Want To Get Siri Announcements?

If you enabled the ‘Announce Notifications’ and you want to configure from which apps you want to receive notifications, follow the steps below:

If you are on iPhone:

  1. To configure from which apps you want to get notification announcements on your iPhone, open the Settings app and go to Siri & Search > Announce Notifications option.
  2. Inside it, scroll down to the ‘Announce Notifications From’ section and choose the app you want to configure notification announcements.
  3. On the next screen toggle, on the ‘Announce Notifications’ option inside each app, you want to configure.

If you are on Apple Watch:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Inside the Settings app, go to Siri and then tap Announce Notifications.
  3. A list of apps will be installed on your iPhone and your Apple Watch. Click on the apps you want to configure/ get notifications.


That’s it for this article regarding How to turn off Announce Notifications on AirPods.I hope that you have learned many things from this article. Thank you!

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