How to Remove Action Blocked on Instagram

How to Remove Action Blocked on Instagram

While this can be rare for most, you may face the rather infamous Action Blocked message. This message appears when a user on Instagram has been found violating Instagram rules, though this can happen to those who may not be violating the rules of the Instagram app. 

In such a case, you may want to know how to remove Action Blocked on Instagram in the best way possible, as you may want to get back to using your Instagram account as soon as possible. Keep reading below to know more!

How to Remove Action Blocked on Instagram on Android

There are some ways you can try to resolve the Action Blocked message; these include;

Method 01: Contact Support

This might be the quickest way to help get the action-blocked message removed from your Instagram account. To message the support, do the following: 

How to Remove Action Blocked on Instagram

1. Open up your Instagram mobile app and tap on your profile pic

2. Tap on the hamburger icon (3 dash lines) 

3. tap on Settings

How to Remove Action Blocked on Instagram

4. Tap on Help

5. Tap on Report a Problem

How to Remove Action Blocked on Instagram

6. You will get a prompt; tap on Report a Problem

7. You can write about the problem you are facing with the action blocked message and add a screenshot if you want. Once you are done, tap on Submit

With this, Instagram might resolve the error as soon as possible.

If this doesn’t work, proceed.

Method 02: Clear Cache for Instagram App

This can often help with errors like action blocked and like, to clear your Instagram mobile app’s cache, do the following: 

How to Remove Action Blocked on Instagram

1. Go to your Android Settings menu

2. Scroll down and tap on Apps (this may be different on other Android devices)

3. Tap on Manage apps

4. Find the Instagram app and tap on it

5. Tap on Clear Data

6. Tap on Clear Cache

This might help resolve the action-blocked message, and if this doesn’t work, proceed again to learn more about how to remove action blocked on Instagram.

Method 03: Reinstall the Instagram App

If the previous methods have failed, try deleting your Instagram app and reinstalling it again, it might just remove the action blocked message. 

If this still doesn’t work, go further ahead.

Method 04: Change Your IP address

It might be possible that your Instagram account has been blocked due to suspicious activity on your account; try to change the IP Address if you are using a Wi-Fi connection or switch to mobile data; this may work in removing the action-blocked message. 

Method 05: Remove any Third Party Automation Apps or Bots

If you use any third-party app, such as an auto clicker, to follow people on Instagram at a successive rate, you may want to remove that, as Instagram rules are directly against third-party apps not partnered with the app.

Any third-party automation apps will be flagged instantly by Instagram and cause an Action Blocked message to appear on your account.

If removing the third-party apps work in removing the Action Blocked message, then make sure not to use them again. 

Any of these steps should be able to help you know how to remove the Action blocked message; if these fail in removing the message, you may always try to wait out the time limit for the Action simply blocked message to go out by not using the Instagram app for a few days. 

Another way you might try to overcome the Instagram action block message is by linking your Facebook account with your Instagram account; this may help inform Instagram that you are not a robot.

If you have any questions, make sure to comment below!

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