How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

How to Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

With several social media websites, it has become relatively simple for various people to stay connected to each other, see their posts and talk alike. How can you tell who has blocked you specifically on Instagram? This article will deal with the topic of How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram.

It is also simple to block someone, whether it be a friend, a distant colleague or even a boyfriend/girlfriend who you had a falling out with; notwithstanding the reason why you might want to block a person, it will be a rather complicated matter if you are the one who is blocked by someone and would need to know whether you are blocked or not.

Falling victim to the infamous block feature of Instagram can be an unpleasant experience since the victim doesn’t know whether they are blocked.

It could be that the person you are trying to search for has actually either deleted their account or even just deactivated it; regardless, it can still be challenging to acknowledge whether someone genuinely blocks you or not, whether it is on Instagram or any social media platforms.

Method 01: Search the person on Instagram

First and foremost, it would be best to try quickly searching for someone you think has blocked you on Instagram. If their name is shown on your search, you are not blocked. If you are unable to find the person’s profile on Instagram even when correctly typing out their name on Instagram, that means they have possibly blocked you.

If their name has been auto-saved in your Instagram search and you can see their posts, you are not blocked; if you cannot see any of their profile, you are blocked. 

How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram? If you see a message stating that the account is private, that means the user has made their account a private account, and therefore, you are not blocked; you will simply have to send them a follow request to see their posts.

Method 02: Check them on your profile

The good and bad thing about Instagram is that even if someone blocks you, you can still see their old comments and alike on your profile.

If you can use those to try to go to their profile and still be unable to see even an iota of posts on their profile, that means you have been blocked by the person you are trying to find out and search for.

This can be a quick method for finding out how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

Method 03: Search them on any browser

If you still are somehow unsuccessful in knowing whether you have been blocked by the person you are searching for on Instagram, you can try searching for their username on your internet browser.

Instagram stores the address to someone’s profile on; if you know the username of the person you are looking for on Instagram, you can replace the ‘username’ in the address bar with the username of the person you are searching for.

If you are logged in, you will see the message “Sorry, this page isn’t available’ then that would mean the person has blocked you on Instagram.

It could be possible that the account has also been deleted or deactivated. To confirm such a scenario, log out of your profile and search for the person again; if you can see the profile, then that means your suspicion of them having blocked you on Instagram will all but be confirmed; if you can’t see the profile even after logging out, that means their profile is most likely removed.

This method can be helpful in how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

Method 04: Check their message

If someone has blocked you on Instagram, you will be unable to see any message threads you have with the person you were messaging; if you have suspicions regarding that, check your private chat.

If you can see the messages in your chat thread, you are not blocked; if you can’t see them, you have been blocked.

To know whether the person you are looking for has removed or deactivated their account, check the group messages that you have most often to see if their name appears, if you can see them in the group chat but are unable to see anything in their profile, that means they have blocked you.

Method 05: Try to follow them again

If you can view the profile of the person you think has blocked you, try to follow them. If you are blocked, you won’t see anything at all, and if you can tap the Follow button, it won’t go through, as the person who has blocked you won’t get any notifications regarding your attempt to follow them. 

Method 06: Try with another Instagram account or device

The best and simple way to check whether you are blocked is to check either without an account or from another account.

If you have an alternate account, you can look up the person who has blocked you; if you can see their profile and everything looks the same or the person has even updated their content, then that instead, unfortunately, means that they have blocked you on Instagram.

The most straightforward way is to check from another account. Suppose they have blocked it but can see the same account using an alternate Instagram profile. Regardless of why they blocked you, you will know you have been blocked if you cannot find their profile while looking through your default account.

If you have found out that a specific person has blocked you on Instagram good chance for you to meditate on why exactly you were blocked and whether your behaviour put off the person who blocked you in the past.

It can be a rather embarrassing situation to face since being blocked means that it was your own fault one way or the way; you might have insulted them, misbehaved or offended them with a post of yours.

Regardless, keeping a good profile in the long run for your casual and professional needs is essential.

Now that you have learned how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram, will you reflect on why you had to look this up in the first place?

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